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Tips on Becoming an Animator

By Philip | July 8, 2009

By Don Langs

In case you’re interested in animation and wanting to know what it takes to become an animator, here are some tips.

If you want to become an animator, you’ll need to know what animation is all about. Go get some knowledge about animation.

Animation is being utilized a lot in some industries, and there are lots more are surfacing everyday. Not only for entertainment, animation, especially 3D ones are also used in designing as one in architecture. It is also used in organizations for presentations and it is not limited to what I said, there are lots more utilization of animation.

Say you are looking at becoming an animator as a career then you’ll be happy to know it’s a really viable market. For example, in the use of animation in entertainment, it shows zero signs of going away.

In becoming a good animator, you’ll need a couple of elementary skills. You need to be artistic and know what kind of animation would the market love. You’ll also need to be adept with a computer and can comfortably works with animation softwares. There’s no need to learn to program as you’re only utilizing the software, not making one. Most of the commonly used software are user-friendly enough that you won’t be lost in using it.

You may need to undergo some training program in this field although it would certainly cost some money, but the rewards you harvest from successful employment would be well-worth the time and money.

As the industry is always changing, you must stay in tune with the changes in the technology, and more importantly, never stop practicing and perfecting your skills.

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